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Fore Valley Alcohol Golden Irish Rum
Fore Valley Alcohol Irish Poitín
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Fore Valley Distillery

Barrel & Bean Coffee Shop

Fore – N91 TY06
Co. Westmeath

+353 (0) 44 966 1775

Our Core Principles

Our core philosophy has always been to be sustainable. We care about our planet and therefore focus on reducing the CO2 footprint as much as possible. This starts with sourcing our ingredients locally from suppliers who have similar values to ours. We use renewable energy where possible and further recycle and upcycle our waste produce.

  • Crafted with love

    We use the finest ingredients in small batch runs in order to ensure consistent quality and character.

  • Our Main Ingredient - Water

    Fore is the anglicised version of the Irish name Fobhair meaning ‘water-springs’ and was given to the area after the well of Saint Féchín (Féichín). It was St. Feichin who founded the ancient Fore Abbey around 630. Legend states that the underground flow of water flows uphill to the Mill.

  • Ancient Recipe

    We are using ancient recipes together with local prime ingredients to distill our spirits. Locally produced for the world to enjoy.

  • Diversely Enjoyed

    Fore Valley Irish Poitin, White Rum and Golden Rum are excellent neat, on the rocks, or as the prime constituent of mixed drinks and cocktails.

Where to Buy our Products

We are currently in the process of setting up an online shop and expanding our dealer network. Watch this space and we will update this section once we are ready to distribute our products.

What others say about us

The Golden Rum is sophisticated and full of flavor. It is rich without being overwhelmed with hard oak. If you ask me, it is the gold standard of rum. Simply superb!

A present from my wife and what a present it was. I enjoyed every last drop and can’t wait to get my hand on another bottle.

I love rum and the Fore Distillery Rum has the perfect balance of oak flavour without being too sweet leaving a subtle burn. Drinking this neat is the way to go but it also worked well with a mixer.

A luxurious adventure of rich evolving tastes of molasses, oak and sweetness at a very reasonable price. Very smooth and easy on the palate and a great alternative to high-end Whiskeys.