Fore Valley alcohols were founded by Oliver Guirke in 2021 & are inspired by the 7th century Benedictine monks of the local Fore Abbey. Fore Distillery produces Golden Irish Rum, White Irish Rum & Irish Poitín.

Fore Distillery prides itself on using the finest of ingredients in small batch runs in order to ensure consistent quality and a character as individual as the storied land from which it originates. Grain used in these alcohols are grown & sourced from the Boyne Valley. Fore or also known by its Irish name Fobhair means ‘water-springs’, which provide the fresh spring water inside Fore Valley alcohols.

Fore Valley alcohols are carefully distilled using combinations of Pot & Column stills before being either vessel rested or gently matured in ex-bourbon & finished in Irish Oak to impart additional colour and flavour. These methods ensure a balance & roundness of flavour. Produced with a precise attention to detail, each of the Fore Valley alcohols are crafted to the highest standard!